"Buachaill Mór" - a Modified Dreadnought



"Buachaill Mór" (Gaelic for "Big Boy") is my take on a Modified Dreadnaught originally developed by American maker Ervin Somogyi. The big lower bout and body depth gives it a deep bass but it doesn't dominate and the sound remains balanced, detailed and sustaining with great projection and great headroom. This is a very versatile guitar that works in standard or dropped tunings strummed or played fingerstyle. The body is wedge shaped with the bass side narrower than the treble making it comfortable to play. There is a soft cutaway and the body shape is assymetric. The guitar shown is European Spruce/Bubinga and is multi-scale with a 636mm length treble scale - to give sweet bluesy trebles - and a 648mm bass scale length to give more power and extra string tension for dropped tunings. Here's a recording of me playing my own composition "The Garron Brook" on the guitar shown in DADGAD.