"Daithi" - A Small Jumbo sized guitar



With a 406mm lower bout and a 120mm body depth, this guitar is somewhere between an OM and a small Jumbo. It is, in essence, the same body as "Treebeard" but brought to a 14 fret body join and a more "normal" scale length. The aim is for a large guitar that can be used for both strumming/flatpicking and fingerstyle. It has good volume with a nice deep bass but good balance across the strings and the ringing, shimmering trebles that really work in dropped tunings for fingerstyle. The recording is me playing my arrangement of David Gates "If" in DGDGBD tuning on a European Spruce/Cuban mahogany "Daithi".


Here are two videos featuring Joe Bardwell, Liizzy Doe and Kate Locksley with Joe playing his "Daithi" guitar: