"Lughnasa" - a Small Jumbo sized guitar



Lughnasa is the last of my Celtic Festival instruments and shares the body size of my guitar-bouzouki "Paithi Peadar". The big lower bout and body depth gives depth and projection to the sound and with sixteen frets clear of the body there is easy access to the upper frets. The guitar shown here is European Spruce/East Indian Rosewood with a 630-659mm multi-scale and a Manzer style wedge. Here's a recording of me playing Martin Simpson's arrangement of "The Streets of Derry" on this instrument in CGCGCD tuning.


Here's Jonny Moss playing Phil Keaggy's "County Down" on "Lughnasa":



Here's another video of Jonny Moss playing Mark Thomson's arrangements of Ivan Drever's "Leaving Stoer" and the traditional slipjig "The Roaring Barmaid" on "Lughnasa":