"Samhradh" - A short scale Grand Concert sized guitar



This model made it's debut at the first Acoustic Guitar Show at Cheltenham in September 2007 as "Samhain Cheltenham" and was re-modelled with a slightly different cutaway shape and re-named "Samhradh" in April 2013 . It's the same body as Samhain but a shorter scale length with 13 frets clear of the body. This makes a great compact guitar with slacker string tension, and sweet trebles. The guitar still works very well in dropped tunings using light gauge strings and is a good all-rounder - fingerpicked and strummed. Here's a recording of me playing two Breton Ridés that I called "The Devil Ridés Out" in DADGAD tuning on my daughter's European Spruce/Black Limba "Samhain Cheltenham".