"Féileacán" - a Concert sized guitar



This is a 13 fret clear of the body guitar with 655mm scale length (650mm is an option at no extra cost). or with a 630-660mm multi-scale. It is based on my 50th birthday present to myself- an African Blackwood guitar with a gorgeous butterfly figure on the back called "Butterfly" The guitar was designed to ensure as much as possible of this gorgeous wood was used. In 2010 I reconstructed the guitar to a new shape and re-named it "Féileacán" - the Gaelic for Butterflly and pronounced Faylicawn. In size it is similar to a Martin O guitar and is a great responsive fingerstyle instrument that can also be strummed. Here's a recording of me playing Ken Nicol's "I.H" in DADGAD tuning Capo 3 on my own multi-scale Caucasian Spruce/African Blackwood model.