"Handmade for Hands to Play" - Stringed Instruments handmade in England by luthier David White.



Welcome to the De Faoite Stringed Instrument website. My goals are to make instruments that look good, sound good and are a constant joy to play and look at. All instruments are hand made by myself here in Buckinghamshire, England from carefully selected woods. I make a wide range of instruments - guitars, guitar-bouzoukis & citterns, tenor guitars, harp guitars, acoustic lap slide guitars and mandolins - from travel sized to baritones and include specialised instruments such as ladder braced guitars. My influences are very much European and my signature sound is big volume, projection, sustain and balance with complexities and overtones, and the player hearing the guitar to the full as their audience does. Where possible I include sounclips of my instruments on the relevant page.


I hand make five to ten instruments per year using carefully selected materials. I want to be sure that I build the instrument that you want - this is a balance between builder and player. My guitars have a sound, feel and style that is my own, but there are things that can be varied such as neck width and profile, action and some cosmetics to suit your style and taste. Ideally you should play my instruments first, and I usually have or can get in a number of these for this purpose.


Why De Faoite?

I had the privilege and pleasure to work and live in Ireland  for two or three years and apart from learning to drink Guiness properly I fell under the spell of the romanticism and love of language of the Irish. Of course I needed to know what my name would be in Irish.  In typically Irish fashion,I found out during a Pub Quiznight in the National Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire, when I was reborn as Daithi De Faoite. That was it! In a choice between "White Stringed Instruments" and "De Faoite Stringed Instruments" there was no contest! So there you have it. Many thanks to Kevin Bonner for enlightening me and kindly writing out my name in his own fair hand:


About Me

Since the age of 12, when I mimed to Beatles records using a cricket bat, I knew I wanted to play guitar. When I got my first one that year, a Musima nylon string that I still have, I was in heaven. Over the years I have progressed onto steel string acoustic instruments, and guitars and music have been my lifesavers and stress relief - along with Irish flutes/whistles where I "dabble" from time to time. As my guitar collection grew I became increasingly more fascinated with the beautiful woods they were made from and what made them sound and play the way they did. I wanted to see if I could create instruments of my own and take and shape a sound of my own. In 2003 I was able to realise my dream and have finally got a "real job" making stringed instruments.


You can take a quick e-book tour of some of my instruments and my workshop. Many thanks to Helen and Jonathon Moss for taking such fabulous photos and putting this together for me.