"Paithi Peadar" - a large bodied guitar-bouzouki



Paithi Peadar is named in honour of my good friend Peter Cree. He is a large bodied guitar bouzouki with 16 frets clear of the body, 406mm wide lower bout and 120mm maximum depth. He has hybrid cross/ladder bracing on the back which gives a better sound projection. He has a loud voice but also the sweet tone that comes with guitar sized bouzoukis. These instruments are amazingly versatile and can be used for playing tunes, rhythymic accompaniment and for singing with. Nut/saddle widths are customised for each owner - some like them wide, some like them thin. Tunings vary with these instruments but I use GDAD. The recording is of me playing "Jim Ward’s Jig" on the European spruce/East Indian Rosewood Paithi Peadar.


This model is also available in a ten string version - Paithi Peadar Deich Téada - and here's one that I made in European Spruce/East Indian Rosewood. Here's a recording of me playing this instrument in DGDAE tuning.