"Bealtine" - Grand Concert sized guitar-bouzouki with 16 frets clear of the body.



Bealtine is the third instrument in my Celtic Festival series. It is a full sized guitar-bouzouki designed in conjunction with Gavin Davenport of The Albion Band, Crucible and Heckety. Bealtine has a Grand Comcert sized body with 630mm scale length and 16 frets clear of the body. It has a Lutz spruce top and Cuban mahogany back and sides which is the perfect combination for this instrument. Depending on the string gauges used it can be used in a number of different tunings. Gavin uses GCGCD. Here's a recording of of me playing my version of Joni Mitchell's "Carey" on "Bealtine" in GCGCD tuning Capo 2.