Artists and Friends

Kitty Macfarlane



The winner of the Acoustic Soundboard Young Acoustic Guitar Musician's Competition 2016 is the talented singer songwriter Kitty Macfarlane. Here's Kitty receiving her prize "Samhradh" guitar from me at Halsway Manor.


Mark Thomson



Mark is an emerging talent on the acoustic fingertyle scene with his own arrangements and compositions in DADGAD that reflect his Scottish roots and showcase his own mesmerising style of playing - catch him if you can. Mark has made two CD's and you can download his latest one - "Solway Sunset" here from Bandcamp.


James Daubney


James is an emerging young talent on the acoustic finngertyle scene with his own arrangements and percussive style playing. Winner of the "Acoustic Soundboard Young Acoustic Guitar Musician's Competition 2013" James plays a "Samradh" guitar. Check out his website.


Peter Cree




Peter Cree is an amazing artist who uses pigmented lacquer to make intricate designs on guitars and one of my guitars - Nancy - has been painted by Peter as part of his Art Guitar Project. It's amazing that Peter manages this delicacy and detail using just tinted lacquer. The design is based on The Book of Kells. Peter and I have become great friends through this project and he has a Treebeard baritone in European spruce/Cuban mahogany. You can find out more details about Peter's exciting project on Art Guitars and see some examples of his work at his website.


Joe Bardwell



Joe Bardwell is guitarist with the band "Aizle". Joe plays a "Buachaill Mór" and "Daithi" made by me and also has a "Nökken" tenor guitar. Checkout their page to hear and see their work.


Gavin Davenport



Gavin is a great guitar and cittern player and member of Crucible, Hekety, Glory Strokes and The Albion Band. He has a Bealtine guitar-cittern in Lutz spruce/Cuban mahogany.


Rajan Spolia



Raj is a very talented player and composer who has a Treebeard baritone in European spruce/Cuban mahogany. Check out his website.


Mark Williams



Mark is a very talented singer songwriter and friend that I met via Peter Cree. He plays a Daithi in European spruce/Cuban mahogany.


Dale Campbell



Dale is a very talented young British guitarist and now owns the first harp guitar I made, Jacob's Ladder. Check out his website.


Andrey Yakuvenko



Andrey Yakuvenko is a Ukrainian member of the bands Rún and Oskord and plays a 10 string Paithi Peadar Deich Téada.


Malcolm Laws



Malcolm now owns the guitar-bouzouki I made for Tricia Clark. Malcolm and his wife Nainita Desai are one of the UK's leading composers and sound designer teams for film and television. Their company is called Soundology - check out their website.