Guitar Making and Repair/Acoustic Guitar:


Acoustic Soundboard Forum


Frank Ford's amazing website Frets.comand luthiers forum Frets.Net.


Online Luthier's Forum


The Luthiers Community Forum - everything you wanted to know about harp guitars.


ANZLF - Australia & New Zealand Luthiers forum.


13th Fret.


Find out more about Bill Cumpiano's book and techniques.


Touchstone Tonewoods


Blue Moon Exotic Wood - plantation grown Cuban Mahogany


High Mountain Tonewood - Shane Neifer supplies some fabulous guitar wood.


RC Tonewoods - The Zootman!


Keystone Guitar Tonewoods for Luthiers - a new British supplier


Stewart McDonald guitar supplies.


Luthiers Mercantile International guitar supplies.


K&K pickups - the ones I recommend for my instruments.


East Anglia Guitar Festival


Great luthiers I admire and luthier friends:


Stefan Sobell - the master:


Dermot McIlroy - a lovely man who makes great guitars.


Peter Cree - the most fantastic guitar finishes ever!!


My Music Friends:


Flook - wonderful music, wonderful people.


Lizzy Doe & Joe Bardwell


Rajan Spolia - guitarist and composer.


Dale Campbell - acoustic guitarist


Malcolm Laws - composer.


Sam Pirt - amazing accordian player. Catch him live, it's the best fun you'll have without being illegal!


Gavin Davenport - great guitar and cittern player and member of The Albion Band, Hekety and the Glorystrokes.

My Music Heroes:


Richard Thompson - Such a genius and inspiration.


Martin Simpson - Great player and teacher.


Lunasa - Greatest Irish group, see them if you can.


Tony McManus - Incredible fingerstyle guitarist.


John Doyle - ex Solas and now solo. Fantastic guitar player and singer songwriter.


Nancy Kerr and James Fagan - Great bouzouki and fiddle players.


Great UK Workshops/Events:


The Burwell Bash - the best holiday!


Whitney weekends - great Fun: