The following are options and the prices quoted are additional to the Standard Specification price.


Left Handed: No extra charge.


Back and Sides Woods: There are a large range of back and side tone woods available. The basis on which I decide if woods are covered by the standard price or any extra cost from there is the cost to me and the difficulty of working with the wood, both in terms of time and the possibility of sets breaking when bending - all of which is factored into my costing and profit calculations. These are some of the "special" back and side sets I currently have available and their cost above the standard price:


Coyote Wood (Platymisium polystachium) - £350


Cocobolo - £350


Hormigo - £350


Myrtle - £350


Curly Anigre - £250


Fingerboards, Binding and Purfling: The position is the same as for Backs and Sides.


Cutaway: £300


Tuning machines: Difference in cost from the standard offerings.


Multi-Scale: £150


Pickups: The cost of the pickup plus £30. I endorse K&K pickups which work best with my instrumets.






From £50 depending on design and wood.


Manzer Style Wedge: £300