Road Trip I Reviews and Recordings - North East

November 2010 - Ross, Grimsby:



Here's Ross's first recording - Mark Thomson's "Sweetheart Abbey" in DADGAD Capo 3 and here's his review:


Looks: I was actually quite surprised at first at the appearance of the guitar. It was larger than I thought it would be, and the finish was not as 'organic' as I assumed it would be. This is a very attractive guitar, and I don't think I could pick fault with the appearance at all. I like the way the neck contrasts with the Columbian Rosewood body. The Rosette would be nigh on what I would specify myself. The woods are very high quality, and the finish is pretty similar to the Lowdens I've had (to my untrained eye). I love the wooden tuner buttons - such a great touch. The only things that surprised me a little were when you looked inside the body of the guitar. It looks very different in terms of the two black rods that connect to the neck, and obviously there is the sound port - which visually looks great. Overall I would say in terms of how it looks, it was as if the guitar had been made for me. Very understated, but extremely elegant.


Playability: To me this is the most important aspect of a guitar. I've had loads of guitars that have sounded good, but just didn't 'feel' right. This guitar however felt spot on. In terms of the way the guitar sat on my lap, the shape and width of the neck, the feel of the finish - I would give it ten out of ten. Maybe even eleven out of ten. The only slight problem is with the top E string, which is just slightly too close to the edge of the fingerboard, but I found my playing slightly altered after a few goes to take this into account.


Sound: I must say I was amazed at the volume of the guitar. Considering it is almost identical in shape and size to my Taran Mhor, it produces a lot more volume. I don't know why it does? Sound port? Sound hole size? I've mentioned it before but I am not keen on the sound coming out of the side of the guitar. I think it's more that it's alien than anything else, but I would definitely ask for a guitar without one if I asked Dave to make me one. Very nice tone, but maybe a little harsher than my Taran, and I think the volume is to blame for that.


Conclusion: I loved this guitar. Of all the guitars I have owned or played, this one is in the top two or three. Everything about it, apart from the sound port, is exactly as I would ask it to be done. If I ever get the cash to spend on a high quality guitar again it will definitely be a De Faoite.


November-December 2010 - Phil, Hull:



Here's some recordings from Phil. First up is "Everything I need" in dropped D tuning, followed by "Nightingayle" in CACGCE (C6) tuning, then "Bonaparte's Retreat", "Shipbuilding" and "Eleanor Rigby".


December 2010: Jon, Driffield