An Torman Mòr  - A Baritone Acoustic Lap Slide Guitar



"An Torman Mòr" - "The Big Rumbling" in Scots Gaelic - is a Baritone style acoustic lap slide guitar with a 724mm scale length. It can be made in a variety of woods, the one shown here is English Walnut top, back sides. Designed to be tuned down to Bb it has a deep growling resonant sound. Here's a recording of me playing my own composition "Where Worlds Collide there are Mountains" in Bb F Bb Bb F Bb tuning (same intervals as DADDAD). I'm big into my science programmes and when I watched Dr Iain Stewart's BBC series about the Continents and their formation I was fascinated by the concept of land masses slowly moving around the Earth like Gypsies and colliding to form new shapes endlessly. He described how mountains are formed when land masses collide and I knew this had to be the title of a Baritone Lap Slide piece.