"An Tairneanach Mór" - a 12 string



The fourth of my De Faoite Anniversary Instruments was "An Tairneanach Mór" which is Gaelic for "The Big Thunder". This was my take on an old ladder braced Leadbelly Stella slothead 12 string guitar. It used a "Samhain" body with 660mm scale length, 13 frets clear of the body, floating bridge and tailpiece and a hybrid ladder/A frame bracing design and was designed to be tuned down to C-C in "standard" and to Bb for dropped tunings. From this I have developed a shorter scale length model with a 630mm scale length and Florentine cutaway which depending on the strings used can be either tuned at standard tuning or one step down from standard tuning. The guitar shown has a Lutz Spruce top and Saplele back and sides. Here's a recording of my version of Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" played on the guitar shown here in CGCFGC tuning (DADGAD one step down).